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Ready America Deluxe Outdoor Survival Kit 4-Person


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The safety and survival of your family will be your main concern in the event of a disaster. This carefully-stocked emergency kit contains packaged food and water to sustain a family of four for the critical first 72 hours of an emergency situation, as well as water purification tablets, and a stainless steel bottle and utility flame/stove with which you can boil and purify abundant water to survive much, much longer. Protect your family from the elements with ponchos, blankets, a shovel, wool caps, and the stove and flame. A crank powered, four in one emergency power station provides light, a siren, a phone charger, and a radio, and if stranded somewhere, the safety vest, flame, whistle, and siren could ensure your familys rescue. Protect your family by keeping one of these easy to grab and go survival kits in your home and another in your car, cabin, boat, or RV.

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