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2005 – 22′ – Glacier Bay 2240SX Renegade For exchange

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  • Price Range: low
  • Payment Type: fixed
  • Item Type: exchange
  • Condition: new
  • Warranty: yes
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I haven’t owned this boat very long, (2004 GB 2240 Renegade – w Twin Yamaha 115 Four Strokes 320 hours) but I am truly impressed with it. Manufacturing Quality is very good, Ride is impressive, Fit/Finish very nice. I love the seating layout. Seats alot people, and gets alot done for a 22ft boat, while riding as good as the much larger boats. This boat is for people that want to take more than 3 people out, have plenty seating/storage, relaxing space. The exact opposite of Center Console. Plenty of spaces for you to truly sit down and kick your feet up, with a cold drink and a handy drink holder close by. Plus it has all the fishing amenities you could ask for. Bait tanks, Fish Holds, Tackle Storage, etc etc etc.

Long Story:
I have owned 14 boats over the last 25 years. Bass Boats, Bow Riders, Cats((World Cat 266 WACC), Go Fast Boats (Eliminator with 496ho), Cuddys, WACC’s from 16ft – 28ft.. In that time, I have learned a valuable lesson. There is not one boat that can do everything. So you need to pick out whats important to you and your family.
Whats important to me:
Fish the Bay, Kelp Beds Inshore,
Fish Offshore up to 40 miles offshore, it can go a lot further than that… (Has an easy 250 mile range with 130gallons fuel based on 2.2mpg an a bit of reserve) But you can go alot further if you run at night on one motor at 8-10mph…
Fish Lakes,
Not to big, Towable, literally we tow 650 plus miles to a like we go to once a year.
Seat A Lot people – 8 People easily.
Storage – out the wazoo
Reliable – Twin Yammy’s 115 Four Strokes
Handles the Nasty Water
Shade – Hard Top.. I hate sunburns.

This boat checks off all the box’s for my wants/needs…

Its truly a SUV of Boats… Does about everything, looks good doing it. Cruises 25-30 MPH at 3900-4400 RPM’s @ 2.4MPG with two people and 1/3 full fuel. Runs thru wakes and chop like its not even there. It truly rides just about as good at my 28fter (Aquasport 275 Explorer with twin Yam 250’s).

I have read other reviews that state these boats dont handle that well.. If you dont know how to trim the boat out (it was pretty quick for me to figure out, literally first time I drove it) yes it can be a bit squirlly. Thats super simple to solve, TRIM THE MOTORS UP A BIT.. Get the front of the boat higher out of the water, more air gets packed in the hull, and she floats on a cushion of air, for a very nice, dry, comfortable ride at 25-30mphs going thru wakes, probably wouldnt even spill a drop of hot coffee… We went thru some 40ft yacht wakes at 20-25mph in San Diego bay. I did slow down to 20 on the first one, because I didntt know the boat that well yet… but I didnt need to after that.

I would recommend this boat, after 13 prior boats, this one may be my last one… Very happy with it so far.

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