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Safety: is always first above all else, Integrity: we are who we say we are and do what we say we do, Exceptional Customer Service: from first point of contact to the guides on the water, Community: this is within our community of team members at Maui Boating but also how Maui Boating connects with the larger Community of Maui, Hawaii and the World, Sense of Place/Culture: Culture is what makes Hawaii special… we hope that comes across in everything we do, Fiscal Stability: we are a for profit company and this enables us to do the good we do. However, we support many non-profits of this world.

Maui Boating Community


We provide authentic sustainable eco-tours that empower our guests to discover a deeper appreciation of and connection to Hawaii’s marine environment.

Aloha Outdoors offers exciting and educational adventures that introduce you to Maui’s beautiful natural environment and its Hawai’ian culture.


At Maui Boating we try to leave our ocean playground better than we found it… here are a few ways we give back:

  • We are active members of our local Surfrider Foundation Maui Chapter and Maui Boating has assisted in beach and reef clean ups as water safety/patrol.
  • We joined SRF’s Rise Above Plastics campaign and stopped using single-use plastic water bottles on our tours and replaced them with stainless steel water bottles with filtered water.
  • We do a mini ‘beach clean-up’ each time we teach a surf lesson, taking a few moments before the guests show up to malama (care for) the beach.
  • If we see any marine debris (plastics, bags, rope, fishing gear) while on the ocean we will turn around to pick it up.
  • We educate our guests on the importance of the reef and marine environment, making sure they are aware of how fragile an ecosystem it is.
  • We try not to disturb any marine life while on our tours.  We will NOT: pull octopus out of their homes to show them to guests, pick up sea urchins or other marine animals.  We would rather view them in their natural state and not add any stress to their lives.
  • We try to be as culturally sensitive as possible, providing factual information and saying “I don’t know” rather than making something up if we don’t know an answer to your questions about Hawaiian Culture and Hawaii.

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