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Boating For Kids - 10 Questions

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Nice Work! You’ll be a Captain in no time.

You should try again.

#1. Red Markers are pointed at the top

#2. When you hear the word “MAYDAY” on a VHF radio, it means:

#3. A sign that says 10k means:

#4. The front of the boat is called:

#5. A lifejacket should fit snugly

#6. When a boat is travelling, it is a good idea to dangle your legs over the bow

#7. When tubing or water skiing, you need a spotter in addition to the driver

#8. A lifejacket is is best when:

#9. A blow up toy or raft counts as a lifejacket

#10. There should be no one on the swim platform when the engine is running