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Water Safety is in Your Hands With the Safety Turtle System

If you have a pool at home or a boat that is on the water and you have children, their safety is ultimately your responsibility. The Safety Turtle System is a family of wireless alert products that are designed to enhance security of your children and pets when around the water.

The Safety Turtle personal immersion alarm is an effective “last line of defense” to protect your child against water accidents. An alarm sounds at the base station the instant the child falls or ventures into the water. The Safety Turtle wireless gate alarm extends this protection to the perimeter pool fence by reinforcing its weakest link- the gate.

The Safety Turtle wireless wristband is a combination of wireless signal outfitted wristbands, with a unique turtle design that kids will like wearing and a wireless base station that can be positioned up to 1500 feet away from the pool or water to pick up the signal and sound the alarm.

Unlike other pool alarms, Safety Turtle works with any water hazard: pool, hot tub, pond, river, or lake (although some limitations apply to use with salt water). No installation is required and the system is completely portable for protection on the go away from home or on the docks at the marina.

The wireless gate alarm can be installed on any metal or wood gate and will activate the alarm at the base station whenever the gate is opened. One base station can support any number of wristbands and gate alarms as long as they are the same color. Different colors allow use of multiple systems in close proximity.

Whether at home or on the go, it is easy to be distracted and lose sight of children around water hazards, on your boat or on the docks. This system allows assurance that your child is protected even if you can’t see them or if you become distracted. No one will be able to protect your most valuable assets better than you and your ability to monitor and protect is greatly enhanced with the Safety Turtle system.

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