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What Do You Do When Your Engine Or Outboard Motor Stops Or Will Not Start On Your Boat?

by Kristy Bateman

You are out for a nice day of fishing or boating, and your engine stops. Wouldn’t you like to know how to fix the problem, or not have to call a mechanic? After you have checked the gas gauge and the battery and discovered that they are not the cause of the problem, there are a few more places to check.

Did your engine overheat? Check to see if something is blocking the water intake. If so, remove it and give the engine time to cool down before restarting it.

Are the spark plug wires cracked? These can short out when there is too much moisture in the air. If these are cracked, cover all of the wires with duct tape. This will keep the moisture out, and prevent further damage to the cables.

Did the water or fuel hose break or slip off. If the spare hose you have is too small, place one end in boiling water to stretch it over the fitting. If the spare is too big, cut it lengthwise, and fit it inside the other hose making the opening smaller.

Is the oil gasket leaking? If you are pumping oil through a leaky gasket, and don’t have a spare, you can use your marine chart. Trace the old gasket on the chart and cut it out. You may use more chart for desired thickness.

Because you never know when something can give out, or go wrong; you should always carry spare parts with you on the boat. Some quick fix-it parts that may come in handy are: small tools, duct tape, light bulbs, batteries, hose, gaskets and a one-size-fits-all drive belt.

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