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Want To Become a Maui Boating Member?

YES!! We NOW have a Boat Membership Program

Here is what is included with your Membership:

  • Full Access to Our Entire Fleet of Glacier Bay Renegades
  • Unlimited Add-Ons such as Fishing Poles, Snorkel Sets, Sea Scooters, and Other Options (upon availability)
  • Flexible Booking Times – You choose the time of departure and return (sunrise to sunset)
  • Priority booking preference 
  • Staff Cleaned and Delivered Vessel
  • Maintained and Updated Systems and Peripherals

Here’s how it works:
It’s REALLY EASY! Once you make your decision to become a member you will be given access to our booking platform where you will be able to place your request from the website or by simply making a phone call to our office. From the time of your first booking as a member you will have 12 months to use your rentals. At any point you can choose to renew your membership or cancel at any time after your membership period has expired. Our members will get priority preference to the booking calendar and accommodations will be made (when possible) to benefit our members. Our members will have access to our fishing equipment, ocean toys and other upgrades at no additional charges. 

The Captain Plan

For the Seasonal Visitor
$ 125/m $1500 Initiation
  • 5 Full Day Rentals
  • Unlimited Add-Ons
  • Flexible Booking Times
  • $3000 Total

The Admiral Plan

For the Local Resident
$ 250/m $3000 Initiation
  • 12 Full Day Rentals
  • Unlimited Add-Ons
  • Flexible Booking Times
  • $6000 Total

Reasons to get a Membership

Our Members LOVE the fact that they don't have to worry about anything! Just have FUN!!


The Savings Just Keep Adding Up.
Members Save $1200+ Per Month or More!!

So, What are You Waiting For? Join TODAY!
Limited Availability